Rules for this Forum and the {CG} and {MHM} Servers...

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Rules for this Forum and the {CG} and {MHM} Servers...

Post by Hermskii » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:17 pm

I am thrilled to have you here on this House of Hermskii Forum and simply ecstatic that you play on Curious George's Redeemer Insanity {CG} and/or on the Monster Hunt Mayhem {MHM} servers! This topic is stickied so it will always be at the top for your viewing pleasure!

This topic's title says it all. These are the rules that need to be followed while you are hanging out with our community whether on this Forum or on the above mentioned UT Servers. The rules are so simple that most adolescent children can understand them but they would likely follow them as well. That said, I'm sure you adults will have no problem.

The rules:

1. I allow my children to play here sometimes. Please don't "ever" cuss on this Forum or on the {CG} or {MHM} UT Servers. Cussing is strictly forbidden! This includes typing words out that in anyway refer to a cuss word too. The intentional misspelling or manipulation of any cuss word that still most likely best refers to that cuss word is forbidden and will quickly earn you a 30 day Player Ban from this Forum and the {CG} and {MHM} Servers. Naturally, this includes user-names, player names, signatures, quotes and basically anything you post here or on either of the above named UT Servers.

2. Use good manners/sportsmanship at all times. If it is reported and proven to me that you played like a jerk on the {CG} or {MHM} servers or if I see a post here on our Forum that demeans other forum members or server players, you will likely earn a 30 day ban from this forum and the game servers. "Constructive criticism" is allowed and I and only I will be the judge of what I deem to be considered constructive. I also reserve the right to change my mind about anything at any time and can make up new unwritten rules at any time! I may even ban players or forum members with no explanation as to why because I can. Thank you and enjoy your stay!


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