Need to Update {CG} a bit!

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Re: Need to Update {CG} a bit!

Post by a nameless entity » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:11 pm

Hook wrote:Hmmm, it can't be the player calling himself "Donald Trump" that is cheating, as I can beat him very easily.

He didn't want to leave, .... and has since stayed away from gaming under doctor's orders. :|
Oh, I didn't mean to imply that "Mr. Trump" was a cheater. I just meant that he and that other person were the only two players I've seen at CG lately. I was surprised that there are some others I am unaware of, and that amoung that group are some unsavoury fellows. Sorry I wasn't clearer. :oops:

And thanks for the update on Silent Bob. That's most unfortunate news. If you speak to him again please pass on my greetings and tell him that the calluses on my backside are starting to heal at long last, now that he isn't around to kick my @$$ all over the server anymore. :wink:
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Re: Need to Update {CG} a bit!

Post by Hermskii » Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:39 pm

I need to mow my lawn so this must be quick.Sorry. The player was a regular. One of the top 10 who played the most on CG in fact. there used to be lots of bans. I recall I undid them all just a couple years back but thought I had a few still in place. I was wrong. the whole list was clear. No biggy. Just mentioning it.

Your request about the bots is well founded and will be completed. Please put the request in the change request/log. I might recall to do so.

You are right. It seems most of the time [CG} is empty. I can tell you though that it gets played often enough still but sadly it is usually 1 or two people. Don-Don was there recently along with DeadManWalking, Fuzzball and several others. There are plenty of others that i don't know them to recall their names.

I tried to contact SB lately and there was no answer for the first time. SUX.

I can change the settings back to the slower ones i had before but note that the bots will be slow and boring. I don't think it is the reason {CG} is slow. I think the game and server are old and there are better Redeemer Mod servers out there. Namely all of them. I'm not taking down {CG or any of the servers I have because some people like them and I like that very much.

I am considering making a server to my son's standards. I can't imagine what he'll want. I suspect some sort of BunnyTrack, MonsterHunt, SniperRifle hybrid. We'll see. He is driving me nuts to put that mod on that shows the highest rated players for that server. i want to do it but haven't looked into it yet.


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