AppalachianWonderland for Deathmatch

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AppalachianWonderland for Deathmatch

Post by EvilGrins » Wed Mar 29, 2023 1:46 am

Before I started this I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, but then as I started tinkering I kept having more ideas and since it all seemed too much for a single map, I wound up making multiple maps.

Which is why there are 8 maps in that .zip file down there.

Mostly it stems from my belief that for something like this it's necessary to have something to fight against, for anyone that popped in just for a casual stroll through a map... NOPE!

· UTDM: has UTDM-monsters
· XV: has Xvehicles
· TO: has Team Orbit mechs
· Nali: embedded Nali bots
· Commandos: embedded Male Commando bots

I know I enjoy the variety, possibly some others of you will too or maybe just 1 or a couple of the 8 maps will appeal to you.
This is a massive map and most of the edits I made are for XV, but not all of them. Maps with embedded bots have the FixGun on them (from their initial starting points) as they tend to not do much of anything unless they've got a weapon.

As far as XV all of it is here: 1 of each kind of tank, 1 jeep, 2 mantas, 2 copters, and 2 turrets; 1 of each type.
Usually I place special weapons on maps with XV to give players not in vehicles an even chance, but this map already had (from the DOM edit) redeemers & instagibs on it. Though I didn't know until a bit later how ineffective instagibs are against vehicles. Oh well, redeemers destroy XV very easily.

What are Team Orbit mechs?
From a total conversion for UT that came out in the early 2000s, they're not vehicles but another player class of model; I usually put them on bots. They have their own unique weapons, unlimited ammo, and unlimited range. They're not as tough as XV but they are a lot tougher than normal bots. Plus they explode when killed and if you're too close that blast will kill you too, and the mechs gets points for anyone killed in their death explosion.

Also, as scary as this may seem, if one of these mechs gets inside XV they can still fire their own weapons from inside the vehicles!

Enjoy! ...

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.unr - /maps
.umx - /music
.utx - /textures
.png - Pwetty!

You can get Xvehicles here · · which you need to make this work!

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