Still confused

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Still confused

Post by Nelsona » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:41 pm

I've been creating paths file for ImperialBaseFinal map executed (or rammed better said) by Thunderbolt.

I thought that I can ignore small BSP flaws but are... still pretty much annoying. I was almost to quit playing when some LordSith felt after an invisible BSP wall and being UNKILLABLE until I found a hole for slapping it down and opening next door. Why I posted these ? Detailed facts will follow.

I'm using a temporary copy of map for testing nodes generations and links and some stuff - keeping original safe. When I've figured those problems I went to a partial rebuild (map has brushes stripped out so is nothing to change at geometry), so I rebuild BSP and Lightning according to normal sliders. That spot was definitely improved and solid as a rock, except a few tiny shadows (not really disturbing) I did not see geometry issues there - I have to check the rest.

So we have an original FINAL map with borks that can be still adjusted and improved but we just drop a lot of work around because a simple rebuild cannot be done ?

Dudes, why do you work like this ? Do that "saber" has Net Code ? Nope, it doesn't - but it's fixable by patch packages.

105 MB of zip which I'm still thinking if it's not better to delete ALL content... MapManager doesn't seems to detect all packages required... for some reason, heck...

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