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Post by EvilGrins » Mon Jul 10, 2023 12:25 am

A stretch back I wanted to edit up a MonsterHunt with a plethora of CreatureFactories primarily for zombies.

So I inquired ·

Tested out each one, kept the ones that worked, and viola!

Originally edited with standard UT weapons, then added Xvehicles as I figured once I got it right I could remove XV and move the PlayerStarts back (moved them so bots can spawn next to vehicles) to more normal positions... but then I lost access to UnrealEd; which is a pity as there were other things I wanted to do too.

Map has most of XV on it, except the copters and the FixGun. Most zombie movies show limited supply of hardware, fixgun seemed too handy for that. I added extra redeemers near the end given the excessive number of zombies that will pop up there.

First off, most of the zombies on this map you can kill simply by running over them.
There's a few this isn't as easy with, and some you most definitely can't.

I did use the Zombi.u quite a bit...
...but not primarily.

The corner "bases" where you can get armor and extra health, as those that've played variants of this map know, spawn out random monsters as soon as someone enters, I used the slow moving MallZombies for all of them... except the last one. That one has the GiantZombi in it, and while I limited the output of that one to 8 they're a significant threat.
Such cases as this is why I'm usually insistent players use bots, as nothing in XV can take down a GiantZombi easily.

My best strategy for them has been to get their attention, and run while shooting back at them as they pursue me, leading them to where my bots are so they can help me kill them.

...but whatever works best for you.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.uax - /sounds
.umx - /music
.unr - /maps
.utx - /textures
.png - Pwetty!

Enjoy! ...

You can get Xvehicles here · · which you need to make this work!

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