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Post by EvilGrins » Sun Oct 29, 2023 3:27 pm

It's been said that flying is an unfair advantage in-game. That being able to fly, especially in team games, unbalances things.

Personally, I think that's crap.

Because if one team or player has access to flight then it stands to reason that all players or teams have that same access.

This map uses Bat-Wings and it has a lot of open sky to fly around in. Bases are way up top, the eggs for the Bat Wings (they respawn quick) are in front of the flags.
If you've not used them before, you hit "crouch" in order to flap the wings. Flight isn't very fast but you can take boosts of momentum from whatever you were doing prior to flight.

Taking a running leap works pretty well, or flying outta those tubes on the lower levels.

They also make it a lot easier to survive any fall, no matter how big a fall it is. Just 1 flap before you smash into the ground and you're golden!

To further ensure it's not all terribly too easy...
...each base has 2 cannons, one near the flag and another on the underside for sneaky flyers.

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