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Post by EvilGrins » Tue Nov 21, 2023 4:04 pm

I'm about to head out to Thanksgiving fun (lot of family in the area, I'll be eating well for days) but before I do wanted to get this out.

This map has UTDMS (SkaarjBerserkers) on it and UTDMW (Warlords) and it is big and extensive.

Lots of different ways to get to and from each base...
...the bases are built into the walls on each side of this large valley, and there's lots of paths within the walls as well.

Combat takes place all over.
There's 2 UTDMS at the ground level, no projectiles, who are constantly fighting each other and are team assigned so don't think they won't go after players too. There's a 3rd one down there too, a "Bob the Berserker" as sometimes the UTDMW fall into this one area and get stuck... he's there to take care of that.

Each base has a UTDMW too.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.unr - /maps
.umx - /music
png - Pwetty!

https://www.mediafire.com/file/itbgbo98 ... Valley.zip

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