Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post all mapping and skinning related content here!
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Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post by K » Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:16 pm

These are a few tutorials i have found helped me allot along the way.
Till i get time to post them as threads i will post a link here so you can check them out.

If you know of a good one feel free to post a link here so we can all look it over.
Here we go:
Updated by K :: 1/23/08

Beginners and general knowledge Tutorials

topics covered:
Getting Started:
The Buttons Part One
The Buttons Part Two
Design Your Sky Tutorials:
Building a Sky Zone
Adding Color To Your Sky
Decorate a Sky Zone
Spinning Sky Zone
Understanding Zones:
Basic Zoning
Zone Parameters
Zone Tricks
Trigger Tutorials:
Team Triggers

drac/ued2 Very Good all around knowledge resource
topics covered:
UED2 Interface, buttons
Brush handling, move, rotate, size and vertex
Creating a single room
Lights, creation and properties explained
Lights, open flame creation
Level and Screenshot Info
Bot pathing, Navigation network
Capture the Flag explained
Domination explained
Assault explained
Zones explained
Zones, creating Water/Lava (acid or slime)
Zones, creating Skyzone (with add skyzone info.)
Zones, creating Fog (true and fake)
Creating the outside area
Teleporter zone
Movers explained
Movers, simple door
Movers, simple elevator
Movers, advanced door (triggered, sounds)
Triggers explained
Textures/Walls explained
Creating complex structures
2D shape editor
Invisible Collision hulls
Destroyable walls/windows
Sound and Music explained

Advanced Tutorials:
Brush Editing, Terrain builder
Brush Editing, Curved Hallways
Brush Editing, Ladders
Lights, Triggered On/Off, Flicker
Lights, Triggered On/Off, Timed Disco
Lights, Triggered Off, Destroyable
Mover, Looped light mover
Mover, Swinging, Rotating Door
Zones, Traps (triggered)
Zones, Skyzone, Lightning

Misc Information/Tutorials:
UED2 General info and tips
BSP, Solid/Semi-Solid
Map Flow
Bot AI and Basics
Console Commands
Texture list
Music list
Sound list

Simple DeathMatch Tuturial:
Part 1 - The first room
Part 2 - Expanding the level
Part 3 - The water bath
Part 4 - Placing weapons
Part 5 - Bot pathing
Part 6 - Level properties
Part 7 - Final words

BSP tutorials
This is knowledge you must have to build a map properly.

# Semi Solid brushes: The way Semi Solid brushes work in the Unreal Engine. Primarily aimed at Unreal Engine 1 and 2, slightly useful for 3.

-Introduction - What is a Semi Solid, what does it do and how do I make one
-Continued - When to use and what not to do
-Final - Bugs and their solutions

BSP and BSP error fixes
# BSP Errors: BSP problems and errors. Their causes and their fixes.
This tutorial aims at providing info and insight into BSP and brushwork in the Unreal Engine. Although it focusses on Engine 1 it also contains lots of info for Engine 2.

Terrain Tutorials

bot40 Terrain Tutorial
Best terrain tutorail i have found yet.
Use that tutorial in conjunction with this next one on Vertex editing.

This is the David M / Team vortex webpage
You must click on the "Tutorial" link on the left side of the page.
Then proceed through the greatest light tutorial ever written for ED2.
Of coarse you must play around allot with what you learn to apply it , but it is the best tut i have found to date. A must read for proper lighting technique.

Other useful links

You should be using the Unreal Wiki as a main source of information.

Here are some Wiki pages i have bookmarked because they are just to handy:
Complete list of OE texture packages and what is inside the package. for some reason it wont hot link so just copy and paist into your browser.

Color Values :: Brightness, Hue, Saturation:: for all types of applications


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Re: Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post by *POTS* » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:57 am

This seems to be a very good website for tutorials:
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Re: Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post by *POTS* » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:10 pm

Here they have video tutorials for the Unreal Editor 2: ... ontent=UED
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Re: Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post by gopostal » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:58 am

My favorite set of tutorials is:

He is thorough, but very brief. No crap, no fluff just straight help in every line.

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Re: Good General Mapping Tutorials Thread <<<<<&l

Post by Fuzz_Ball » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:20 am

Good news!
BBDRAC's complete downloadable tutorials link is now fixed! ...

The link had been down for a long time and a simple email to "Freddy" was all it took to fix it! w00t!
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