Let's teach them...

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Let's teach them...

Post by Hermskii » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:34 pm


I just got back from a quick glance at the Official Chaos Forum and was blown away by all of the new activity there. With you as one of the official spokespersons for them now it is no wonder.

Let's ride the wave baby! I want to work with you to create a Hermskii-style-simple direction set to properly install and use Chaos with UT where it will enable them to see and play on the most chaos servers without issues.

What do you think? This may already be done. I haven't looked at the website yet or viewed all of the new content on the forum. Let's talk soon.


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Re: Let's teach them...

Post by Dr.Flay » Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:19 am

Oops, sorry I missed this post :oops:

Hmmm I don't think there is a section that covers Chaos protocol, just random questions/posts.

Well I started collecting servers that advertise as Chaos and it seems that the final v1.1 is most used (not many CUT servers).
http://forums.chaoticdreams.org/viewtop ... f=8&t=6745
I haven't looked for UT2004 Chaos servers yet, so *ahem* only you are listed :roll:

There are some servers that use a Chaos mutator in their mix, but I won't include them because it may not be in every mapvote or session.

Now that Darkelarious is making a new front-end for the Masterserver lists, it may be easier to scan for keywords.

As for what versions to use ? A:The ones on our site.
My personal view of what version should be used is "unless there is a flaw that affects you, always use the final version".
After all it is what you will find if you connect to an official server. If the authors could not connect to your server due to miss-matches, should they downgrade ?

ChaosUT is at v1.1 Final
Prerequisite is UT v400
Most importantly v1.1 has the fixed grapple (I guess your replacement is because of the earlier version).
There are extra models, skins and maps, and are optional, but obviously do not cause a clash.
(I have collected these all together in my google drive)

For players and server admin that used a full GOTY install, but do not use any Chaos stuff there will be no problem.
Only the core and some extra resources differ.
All original Chaos maps work with both versions. Standard UT Weapons are mapped-in and replaced.

For people that only used a 1 CD install, they do not have Chaos (or Rocket Arena).
For people that have scraped their cache after playing on an outdated server, rather than install the easy to find Chaos, TOUGH ! :mrgreen:

Note: Chaos works well with the original Volatile Ammo mutator on CD1 (the one on CD2 does not work online). Everyone has this.

There are some enhancements at Wormbos site. They fix and tweak a few things plus giving you a better way to manage the mutator and relics (inc. extra relics).
Settings made in the config window will be the defaults for the mutator or game mode
http://www.koehler-homepage.de/Wormbo/E ... Items.html
Use of this will not give any miss-matches.

His Quake 3 Tournament mod will add relics that can be mixed with Chaos.
Chaos is originally from Quake, so these relics are most acceptable if desired.
Again these will not clash with anything.

CUT2E is at v3.81 Beta. As a Beta it is optional, but doubtful there will be another. so consider it final.
The fixes and additions are here;
http://forums.chaoticdreams.org/viewtop ... 637#p69264
The existing problems were discussed here;
http://forums.chaoticdreams.org/viewtop ... =16&t=6558
Looks like the bugs are limited to bots and 1 new game mode, so if you aren't using it there is no problem.

For CUT2E the only prerequisite is the final patch and the ECE bonus pack.

For all Chaos games:
The original relics are all carefully chosen and balanced against each other.
There are alternative replacement relic builds, but we would rather people did not use them, as they do not match our style.
There are some additional relics that have value and work well. If they look and feel right use them, but use them wisely as they are supposed to be game-changers, and some may be too much.

Running a Chaos game type is preferred to adding the mutator to regular UT.
Running as a Chaos game type you will list in the Chaos browser tab. As a mutator you will not.
Either way you will list in All Servers.

As a general tone for map choice, remember that Chaos is basically "Cyber-medieval".
Some Quake conversions look perfect. Q3 made use of skulls in many maps.
Horror, Halloween and spooky maps are all good.
Castle maps like Hooks Fragenstien work well as they give the players plenty to swing on, and opportunity to use the range of weapons properly.

How is that ?
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