Revision of MH-CitadelV2fix

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Revision of MH-CitadelV2fix

Post by Nelsona » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:24 pm

As title says... and watching in reverse this map is not so fixed as presumed.

Problems found:
- start location includes useless 20 PlayerStarts - MH default sort 16 PlayerStarts considered usable;
- there is a null ammo there pointless + a MonsterEnd too high - in servers using too much jumping I'm guessing map can be ended before even to start;
- SkaarjSnipers with their default troubles are accelerated since order is Ambushing and they might be teleported nearby each-other killing themselves due to their bIsPlayer craps so they aren't a very threat after all making things harder to fix Via any future special actor added to manage stuff correctly;
- not the last thing Bot support is 0 even if is partially doable using old stock technology and fully doable using 2015 technology - including BT pipes area - read again;
- Movers are not very friendly but however they might work normally;
- a bunch of chained explosions are taking place but nothing trigger them - Why were added then ?;
- that so called secret area is annoying - no, wait, is trash;
- pickups are "interesting" ammo vs weapon seems to not match everywhere... bunches of ammo are added since could be adjusted properly <RespawnTime>;

Things solved:
- Pickups;
- Removed some PlayerStarts because were useless;
- Movers little loved;
- Some event assigned;
- End crap and null ammo deleted;
- Adjusted some trigger collisions;
- Bot Support added (but might break default MH due to that awesome Shrimped mod) + BT zone, wheew might work or not... ummm MBot might lead the hunt in there due to BT execution speed vs human;
- SkaarjSnipers were properly set and a fixer actor added - fixing even those spawning in BT area - in default MH;
- Several MyLevel-ed things were added for fine tunning.

Current state: Thinking if something can be more improved or not.

Self question: Why some dude is writing a MH tutorial since he cannot do too much stuff setup ? This is misterious indeed.

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