Welcome to the

House of Hermskii {HOH}

Home of the Unreal Tournament DeathMatch server

"Curious George's Redeemer Insanity" {CG}

IP Address:

and Unreal Tournament MonsterHunt server

"Monster Hunt Mayhem" {MHM}

IP Address:

This is dedicated to all of the players who have helped make these servers a success! My mission will be to try to keep it simple and available.

To the left are a few links.

The first one under the "Home" link is "Play {CG} or {MHM}". That link will open a page that contains links that will auto-launch your UT installation and connect you to either of  those servers that you chose.  Each of the servers are designed to automatically download to you any file that may be required to play on that server. That's right! All you have to do is click on the name of the server you want to play on and the rest will all happen for you automatically! (Note: This works perfectly provided you have UT installed to the default location and do not have UT2K3 installed or UT2K4 installed also.)

The "{CG} and {MHM}" links will each contain that specific server's history and down-loadable files. This is mainly for the 56K people who can't get these files fast enough in game before the map finishes and then the server cycles to the next map thus giving them a connection failed error before they were ever able to play. With this, all they will have to do is start the download before they go to bed and it should be done by the time they wake up! It also serves the regulars who want to play these maps privately in practice sessions in order to improve their online game.

Another link you'll notice to the left is labeled "Forums". I hope that you will consider this to be the most important link on this page. It will take you to one of two forums. The first forum is my own and it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the CG and MHM servers. The link to my forum is called "House of Hermskii Forum". Beneath it is another link to another forum. It is called "Redeemer Insanity Forum". It is a forum where a mass of people have collected over several years. These people aren't only players but are also friends, teachers, doctors, police, web design specialists, parents, mechanics, cooks, electricians, car salesmen, fishermen, cleaning staff, kids, computer technicians and a slew of other things but mostly they are about the best group of folks you will ever meet and they reside all over the world. I shouldn't have to say it but most of these folks are all regulars of some sort on mine and several other servers that I frequent. They are all nice folks and we only want the same type of people to visit.

I have also included a link to the left called "How-To-Manual". I was always being asked how to do certain things as far as making a server, or tweaking the game and stuff like that so I made this document so I can now just refer people to it rather than type it all out again and again. It has lots of good stuff in it so give it a look through. Beware! It is big and I obviously like to write!

The last link is naturally labeled "Contact". There, I have listed my email address so you can reach me for comments, complaints, suggestions. all of which are welcome!

This is all for now. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy this web site and come back often. God Bless Your Day!



Last Updated On: 01-14-21