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     If you are just here to get your Unreal Tournament fix, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the name of the server you want to immediately connect to! (Note: This works perfectly provided you have UT installed to the default location and do not have UT2K3 installed or UT2K4 installed also.)

     Sometimes in order to play Unreal Tournament on a server running a certain mod, you would have to identify the mod, install it and then locate and connect to that server. That is all well and good but in an effort to make my servers more accessible than others, I have built them in a way that you won't be required to pre-install any of the files to be able to play on them. I have compressed each and every file you will need to be able to play on either of these servers and placed them up on a high speed web redirect server. What does all of that mean? It means that provided you have Unreal Tournament installed already, all you should need to do is click on either of the links below and your computer will auto-launch Unreal Tournament. It will then connect to and download only the files needed in order to play at that server! It will launch you directly into the game after it has downloaded all of the files that you may need to play on that certain map. You won't have to locate or install the mods that run on these servers unless you want to play this mod in practice sessions privately!

     I hope that you will will use this page to show your friends how much fun these two servers are. If you have any problems and need to reach me, just go back to the Home Page of this web site and select the "Contact" link. There, you will find my email address for contacting me. Have fun!

Curious George's Redeemer Insanity

Curious George's Redeemer Insanity server IP Address is:

Monster Hunt Mayhem

Monster Hunt Mayhem's IP Address is: