Monster Hunt Mayhem {MHM}

     If you want to play on a Monster Hunt server right now and you don't have the mod downloaded or installed yet, that is OK. Just click the link to the left called Play CG or MHM. Then scroll to the bottom of that page and click the link for Monster Hunt Mayhem. That's all you need to do. If you want to be able to install the mod and the patch for the mod so you can play this off-line, you will need to keep on reading.

     {MHM} could be considered {CG}'s little brother. {MHM} has only been a functional Monster Hunt server since 04/20/05, yet it has already hosted well over 100,000 games. One of the regulars from {CG} named Nameless_Entity and another named Scify hounded all of the rest of us at our forum to try out this mod called Monster Hunt. We did and I loved it!

     I set up a server as quick as I could but soon found it to be much harder to manage than {CG} ever was. Why? Because the map makers for MH maps didn't seem to use the same quality control as DM map makers. Don't get me wrong, there are several great MH maps and a few great MH map makers. Unfortunately though, most have moved on to newer versions of UT and they never looked back. MH was left behind and we had to do our best with what we had. Now, there are easily over 400 known MH maps. Of those, 50 - 100 of them are really good. The rest are a collection of noob mapper attempts and many are 2nd and 3rd releases of the same map with the same name causing file mismatch errors everywhere. Lately there has been a huge growth in MonsterHunt and new mappers are hard at work putting out real quality maps. Make sure to tell your favorite MonsterHunt server admin which maps you like and don't like so he can remove the bad ones and get the good ones installed.

     I continued with my efforts due to the prodding of Nameless and Scify and now BlondeHottie too. Eventually, {MHM} evolved into one of the top 3 busiest MH servers around or at least it was. All of us devoted our efforts to locating quality maps and recruiting new players. This has been very successful as there are now about 40 MH servers while back when we started there were only about 3. We don't take the credit for this fact but we have certainly impacted the popularity of this mod and you can too by telling your friends about it and showing them how it is played and where.

     Originally, {MHM} ran another mod on it that greatly enhanced the MH game type. It was called UTJMH. It is a mutator that regenerates health, ammo and can also give random players random weapons. The mod was great except for a few flaws. I try to run a friendly server in that I don't allow cussing, team killing, bad sportsmanship, vulgar names or hate chat. Someone pointed out to me that the UTJMH mod cussed and they were right being that it used the same sound track as UT2003 for "Double Kill", "Monster Kill", "Ultra Kill, and lastly "Holy Sh*t". In trying to keep with my standards, I asked for help from a {CG} regular named BiGi. He quickly developed and released a custom mod that could do everything that UTJMH did plus many more functions. He and I tested it for months and finally came up with the first official release of BIGIZMH001 mod! Then I ran version 2 of this mod which is a significant improvement over version 1. Now I use a mod developed for me by Gopostal who is A.K.A. Kelly. The version he made for me is based on BIGI's mod and then improved upon. Gopostal went on to make an even better version of the mod that is now used world wide. It is my belief that GOPO did more for MonsterHunt fans than any other person in the UT community.

     Below are a few links to files that may be of use to some of you if you don't already have this mod installed. The original Monster Hunt UMOD and patch are listed below. If you have any special request or anything like that, please go back to the Home Page and select the link to "Contact" where you can reach me via email.

     In order to be able to play the Monster Hunt mod, you'll have to download it and install it along with the Patch for it. Download the mod first but make sure you get the Patch too listed just below it. You'll want to unzip the mod first and install it by double clicking on the .umod file and following the directions. Here is the link to the mod:

After the mod is installed, you'll need to download and unzip this Patch. The patch is only one file. It is called MonsterHunt.u and all you need to do is copy it over the existing file in your C:\UnrealTournament\System folder. Here is the Patch:

Once you have installed the Patch, restart Unreal Tournament and search for Multiplayer games listed under the Monster Hunt tab. That's it! You're done.

If you want to try out the maps in practice sessions and don't know how to transfer the ones you've downloaded from your cache folder then try the link below. It will connect you to a file that includes all of the maps I'm running as of today 03/19/07 on MHM. This file won't always be current as I don't have time to update my web-server every time I add a new map but it will contain at least many of the maps I use at any given time. Here is the link: (This link does not include all of the MHM maps but it has most of them.)